Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBIS)
What is PBIS?
PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. It is a three-tiered framework developed for schools to focus on improving student behavior. It is used with all students, across all environments in school (classroom, lunchroom, restroom, playground, etc.). It also helps schools create effective learning environments for all students to succeed.

What acknowledgement system does BRES use?
Students have the opportunity to earn DOJO points and bear bucks. 

How do students earn DOJO Points?
Students earn DOJO points in their classrooms for exhibiting our school wide expectations (Be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn) or other positive behaviors identified by teachers. There are also other times throughout the year that students may be offered DOJO points for participating in family events, completing surveys, homework completion, etc. Contact your child's teacher to identify specifics. 

How do students earn bear bucks?
Students earn bear bucks in the same way they earn DOJO points, but in environments outside of the classroom (PE, Learning Commons, Art/Music/Drama, STEAM, Classroom Counseling, recess, bus, parent pick up, etc.).

What are DOJO Points and bear bucks used for?
The PBIS Team hosts quarterly school-wide reward days where students can spend their DOJO points to participate in events like Water Day, extra recess, electronics day, etc. Most of the events change from year to year. From time to time, some grades may offer a grade level reward where students may spend DOJO points. 
Bear bucks allow students to "purchase" prizes from our bear buck cart or save them until the end of the year and turn them into DOJO points to participate in our end of the year reward (such as a raffle for prizes). 
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